What kind of wine it is and how to pair it

All Prosecco is not just Prosecco.

A play on words to remind us that there are different types of this wine, as well as the places dedicated to its cultivation. Precisely for this reason, to characterize Prosecco Docg (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) is not only the origin, Valdobbiadene, but also an exceptional mention, in fact, Superiore .

If you have happened to take a food and wine tour in the Valdobbiadene area , you will certainly remember its rolling hills, dedicated to the production of Prosecco. The area, geographically close to Conegliano, includes 15 municipalities and employs about 20,000 hectares for the cultivation of Prosecco. True, a small portion , but with a very high concentration .

What makes this wine special, however, is not only the factor of origin. In fact, the steep hillside, which does not allow the use of a grape harvesting machine, invites you to scrupulously harvest by hand. Tiring yes, but very profitable for what the final product is! So much so that this harvesting method allows gradual harvests to pick the ripest and most selective bunches to choose the grapes on the basis of their state of integrity. A slow and modulated process, but which ensures a refined product, of superior quality, therefore, guaranteed by the Regulations.

Oriented to support the uniqueness of this territory, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Semper ranks with two types of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore : one in the Extra Dry version (16gr / l of residual sugar), more sweet and with a scent of white apple , the other in the Brut one (10gr / l of residual sugar), characterized by greater acidity and a delicate peach scent. As for all the wines of this line, the alcohol content slightly lower than the standard (11% out of 11.5-12%) is a deliberate choice to lengthen our moments of sharing and happiness, perhaps seduced by the illusion of being able to make them last … Forever .

How to combine Prosecco DOCG on the table?

Excellent in the accompaniment of raw fish or steamed, this wine goes very well with seafood first courses, such as a seafood risotto or a classic spaghetti with clams.

The Cin Cheers aperitif proposal

Are you looking for ideas for a happy hour with friends?

Here are three simple finger foods, very easy to make:

- Bruschetta with raw langoustine, Pachino tomato and basil leaf (oil and salt);

- Scallops (au gratin or au naturel) cooked in the oven;

- Steamed shrimp salad with julienne carrots and zucchini.

Don't like fish ?

It's not a problem. Here lies the advantage of Prosecco, versatile and easy to pair.

- Warm and crunchy bread with San Daniele raw ham;

- Crouton with Trieste cooked ham and horseradish;

- Platter of aged cheeses with walnuts and accompanying jams.

And remember to always accompany Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG !

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