What kind of wine it is and how to pair it

Today ends the section Sulle vie del gusto , the enological itinerary on the five varieties of Prosecco Semper , accompanied by some culinary proposals, excellent for enhancing their flavor.

Before introducing you to the last bottle, however, I would like to focus on the history of Prosecco.

If it is true the saying that with time it does not age, but improves, the same cannot be said for Prosecco. In fact, the rapid production process - about three months from the harvest of the grapes - would make it a young and easy-to-drink product, which is why a fast consumption is assumed, preferably within a year of bottling. It is no coincidence, therefore, that its peculiarity is precisely its freshness !

But how to recognize a Prosecco that is now at the end of its life? If in doubt, rely on your sense of smell. The absence of the typical green apple scent could be a first sign of aging. In fact, the fruity note should be an ever-present constant. This feeling is also common to the Prosecco of our grandparents; a less worked wine than today's, simpler and rather raw, but still sweet and often with a base , that is, with a natural deposit of yeast. (Today this type of unfiltered wine is commonly called surliè or col fondo ).

In any case, everything is played out in the delicate apple aroma , particularly enhanced in the version of Prosecco Doc Extra Dry, among the sweetest in the sugar scale.

So also for Semper Prosecco DOC Extra Dry , which maintains a high zucherino level (15 gr / l) to prolong the tasting. A velvety wine, with a pale straw yellow color.

As already specified, the acronym DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) is indicative of the cultivation area between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. However, he has always chosen to focus only on grapes from the Treviso area, a typical area of Prosecco.

How to combine Prosecco Extra Dry on the table?

Perfect pairing with fish first courses, perhaps bavette with clams and courgettes, where the delicate and refined dish goes very well with this wine. Also excellent as an aperitif, the subtly fruity taste also makes it a wine for conversation with friends.

The Cin Cheers aperitif proposal

Improvised SOS Happy Hour?

Do not worry. Here are three tips to impress your guests:

- Hot crouton with speck and apple cream;

- Octopus and rocket salad;

- Canapé of avocado and cherry tomatoes.

And remember to always serve Prosecco Doc Extra Dry for all your guests!

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