What kind of wine it is and how to pair it

That the Bollicina was a must have for our meetings was obvious and obvious, but that Proseccos were not all the same, perhaps not. In fact, each type of Prosecco responds to specific characteristics that affect the combination in the kitchen.

From the French brut , or "dry", the homonymous version of Prosecco is characterized by a low level of residual sugar, usually less than 12 grams per liter. The weak (or completely absent) trace of sweetness connotes it as a dry wine, slightly acidic on the palate, despite the fruity olfactory note, tending to apple and peach.


Always is a Prosecco Doc Brut with a pale straw color, with a sugar residue of 10gr / l . Although it cannot be defined as a sweet wine, the classic fruity scent makes it a thirst-quenching and pleasant to drink product. Furthermore, the slightly lower alcohol content than the standard (11% out of 11.5% -12%) is the result of research aimed at increasing its freshness and the possibility of mass consumption.

Thus the acronym DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin), which identifies the cultivation area. Although this area extends to the whole of Friuli Venezia Giulia and a part of Veneto, Semper has chosen to focus only on grapes from the Treviso area, an area dedicated to Prosecco.


How to combine Prosecco Brut on the table?


The dry and acid tone makes it an excellent wine to accompany first courses, such as pasta and risotto. However, the true character reveals it in seconds. Ideal for frying fish, where the fine perlage and the high degree of acidity help to degrease the palate, maintaining a balance of flavors with the fruity taste.


The Cin Cheers aperitif proposal

Are you looking for ideas for a happy hour with friends?

Here are three finger foods, simple to make and guaranteed success.

- Saganaki shrimp according to the Greek tradition;

- Battered bites of creamed cod;

- Tuna tartare seasoned only with natural capers (to be served fresh and by the spoon).


And remember to combine Semper Prosecco Doc Brut (QB to satisfy your guests)!


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