What kind of wine it is and how to pair it

Our gustatory journey continues with another interesting bubble, the Cuvée Extra Dry .

Like most of the oenological vocabulary, the word Cuvée also denotes a clear French derivation. However, the Latin etymology explains that it was the ancient Romans who first used the term cuva , referring to the barrel. Subsequently acquired from the French language, which declined it in cuvée , the word passed to indicate the quantity of wine produced each time from a vat (wooden container containing the must during fermentation).

However, this meaning has not always been associated with the word Cuvée . For example, in France, in the Champagne area, the same identifies the must obtained from the first pressing of the grapes. Other, however, is the value attributed to it by retailers, who recognize the most prestigious bottles in the cuvée .

All valid exceptions, made even more specific with the affirmation of Prosecco on the wine market. In fact, further reflection wanted the cuvée to be a mix between two or more types of grapes , aimed at optimizing the production of a vineyard and guaranteeing the quality of the product . Moreover, the blending between two different vintages is not to be considered rare.

In any case, no formulas for a perfect Cuvée . Only the charm of a blend that varies from year to year to give a different sensory experience every time.

For the Semper line , the proposal is an Extra Dry Cuvée , produced with 80% Glera grapes, a white grape variety, a basic component in the production of Prosecco and 20% Chardonnay. To enhance its autochthonous character, therefore from Treviso, is the choice of local production areas .

How to combine an Extra Dry Cuvée on the table?

The fruity and floral taste make it an excellent welcome to immediately conquer the palate of your guests. Also suitable to accompany first courses of fish and vegetables, it is in the appetizers that it reveals the velvety and soft tone. Also appreciated at the end of the main courses, this wine with a very light sweet flavor will be exquisitely combined with a good Tiramisu.

The Cin Cheers aperitif proposal

Tired of the usual cicchetti? Try these!

- Fresh cheese platter with accompanying jams;

- Baked vegetable chips (have fun combining different colored vegetables);

- Crispy golden bread croutons with robiola cheese and Taggiasca olives.

I recommend, choose Semper Cuvée Extra Dry !

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