Wine also needs the right look to look its best

That's it. The value of our wine can depend on the choice of a glass. And it's not just an aesthetic question.
In Italy there are over 500 grape varieties. We are the first in the world. An interesting fact, if we consider the modest area of our country compared to that of other states. However, this is not meant to suggest having 500 glasses as there are types of cultivation! It would be a crazy invitation, unless your hobby is collecting glasses.
This extension, however, allows us to understand how important it is to use the right glass to best represent the variety of each wine and highlight its characteristics.

But isn't there a universal glass?
Of course it does and it has been called ISO Standard Wine Glass. As much as it tries to find a compromise between the various wines, in my opinion, the half-ways are never a good solution, therefore, between five hundred glasses and only one, the perfect size is six .

For red wines the diameter is fundamental. It must be wide enough (about 9-10cm), so as to allow the diffusion of the aromas. For reds that do not age in wood, a low, medium-sized and wide glass will suffice, but for the more structured ones, glasses with a greater opening and height are recommended, such as the classic “balloon”.

For young white wines , without particular refinements, a glass of medium diameter (about 7-8cm), not too high, will be good, while, for structured ones, a taller glass, which, at the time of tasting, reveals all the aromas derived from the long production process.

For sparkling wines , it is the traditional flûte that enhances the much appreciated perlage, where the elongated shape of the stem makes it easier to grip, preventing the fingers from resting in the upper part of the glass with the risk of lowering the temperature of the wine. (There are even some types of glass designed to bring out the brilliance of the color and the bubble. In short, sometimes that beauty does not all depend on the wine!)

Finally, for dessert wines , a small glass is recommended, with the right width, which facilitates the diffusion of aromas, in this case, particularly intense.
Here too, the length of the stem is an excellent reference point for the grip and expression of elegance.

Small curiosity . If you swirl the wine inside a glass, you will observe the formation of small “arches” on the glass. The higher the alcohol content the wine, the higher the arches will be. Be careful though! If you spin a sparkling wine too many, you will end up losing the much desired perlage!

Before concluding, one last recommendation . The serving temperature of the wine is very important for an excellent tasting of the product. Therefore, white wines and sparkling wines should be served in a glass previously cooled under running water, while red wines in a glass at room temperature.

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